Libero Sports Builds the
Soccerex Brand in India

The Background

In 2010, Soccerex, the world largest football business event, only had 2 delegates from the Indian subcontinent attend their annual conventions.  One of those 2 delegates happened to be the Libero Sports Managing Director, who committed to Soccerex CEO, Duncan Revie, that he would ensure that the annual Soccerex forums would become a part of the Indian football calendar. Mr. Revie responded by appointing Libero Sports as the official marketing partners for Soccerex in India.

The Action

Libero Sports entered into a strategic partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) thus creating the annual Libero Sports-FICCI Indian Delegation to Soccerex.  Then through its deep relationships within the Indian football industry, Libero Sports was able to drive awareness and excitement for Soccerex with key stakeholders in the country while FICCI generated interest from the Government of India

The Result

Since being appointed as the official marketing partner for Soccerex in India back in 2011, Libero Sports has successfully sold over 150 delegate passes for various Soccerex events generating over a quarter million dollars in revenue for Soccerex. In addition, Libero Sports has hosted a filled to capacity session on Indian football and released a comprehensive knowledge report at each of the past 4 Soccerex conventions in Manchester, UK.